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The Case For Booking Your Consultation

You never see it mentioned in the media, nor hear from
a politician that, for the first time in 35 years, American
business deaths now outnumber business births.
Gallup: January 13, 2015 

That’s right, all of the less publicized economic statistics
point to the most hostile business environment of our

Every business needs new customers and clients in order
to grow and survive. After all, customers are the life
blood of any business. Yet acquiring new business is
more difficult now than it has ever been. What used to
work no longer works or doesn’t work as well. When
sales are made, profits are compressed due to competitive factors. Plainly stated, it’s very difficult
to just maintain production and revenue let alone increase it.
Let me spell it out for you. You have more competition. You have fewer customers to sell to
and the customers you sell to have less money spend. Have you adjusted your marketing to reflect
the new paradigm? Bankrupt American Airlines, Friendly’s, Radio Shack and Kodak
probably didn’t.

Businesses that embrace the new reality and adjust their marketing accordingly will not only
survive these demanding times, they will thrive in them. A most important step in making those
marketing adjustments is booking this free consultation.